Season of Being Thankful for Presence

November is regularly the month of Thanks. This month at The MOMentum Network, we are stressing how important it is to be thankful, more than just saying it, it’s also taking in our surroundings and actively appreciating where we are. And that includes the people we are with. We’re heading towards some major holidays, with breaks from school for our moms. This is the season to be reminded that time not studying for finals and trying to knock out big projects is the perfect time to unplug from our electronics and spend time playing with our children.

MPower on the 11th was all about managing our time and optimizing our resources. It is up to us to live with purpose. Make time for the important people and things in life. Remember that social media is a time vampire, but our children cannot wait for us to put the phone down or close the laptop. Don’t let distractions shake your focus.


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