To see connected, empowered, educated moms transform their families and communities.


Building the village that propels two-generations to shatter statistics with single moms in college & their children.


Faith | We believe that Jesus Christ is the ultimate redeemer & Father to the fatherless. With Him-nothing is impossible. And because we have been redeemed, we have the opportunity to share the grace that we received as we  help moms in need recognize and pursue God's good plan for their lives and for the children that He has given to train up.

Family | Family is the single most important influence on a child's life and children are our future. While institutions can provide resources for mothers and children, there is no replacement for healthy relationships within the home. When families are supported, communities thrive.

Education | Education can be a powerful vehicle that can equip both a mother and her children to live fully steward the gifts and opportunities God has provided. A mother who completes her education is an effective role model for her children to aspire to achieve higher education.

It Takes a Village | While we provide direct support for single moms & their children, we believe that our greatest achievement would be to cultivate a "village" of neighbors including businesses, churches, nonprofits and individuals that seek to understand and address the unique challenges that single moms face in a loving, empowering way.


  • Rotary Club of Chattanooga
  • Northshore Financial Strategies
  • Matt Hoover Construction
  • Chick Fil A
  • Elders Ace Hardware
  • Amerigroup
  • Todd Henon Properties
  • Southern Champion Tray