For Pregnant or Parenting Students

Relationships & Resources to Build Resilience.

Mamas, we're in this with you!

Sister, we understand that you're juggling a lot and a lot of the time, it feels like it's all on your shoulders. But we're here to lift some of the weight you're carrying by walking shoulder to shoulder with you as you move forward.

And in coming together, YOU are an encouragement to other moms who need to see someone else who gets it. You may not have planned for life to happen like this, but you are forging a new path and learning so much along the way.

Whether you're a student experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or a mom who didn't plan to be parenting solo without a degree, we're here to help you keep moving forward to complete your degree leading to a living wage career that fits your calling.

We see your hopes and dreams and believe that you don't have to give them up when life doesn't go as planned. Read below for more information about offerings open to members of the network.

Now Accepting Applications for our waitlist

Residential Program

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Grow individually and collectively as a parent, student, and friend by joining the living and learning community. With housing just walking distance from UTC and a short drive or ride on the bus line to Chattanooga State, single moms from any local college pursuing a living wage career and motivated to build a better future for their families and community are encouraged to apply.

Community Group

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Once or twice a month, single moms & supportive sisters who want to walk alongside them gather for Community Group. The nights typically include dinner and discussion about topics that matter most to moms.  They're held at The MOMentum Network headquarters iat 1152 Lincoln Park Lane, Chattanooga, TN 37403.

Moms will enjoy a delicious dinner and dessert during a night of laughter and connecting with other women who get it!

During this time, kids will play games and be poured into by background-checked volunteers.

Community group is a great time to discover the other opportunities The MOMentum Network has to offer before deciding on your next steps in your journey.

There is no cost for member moms to attend, but registration is required.

Home Room & Hope

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The Home Room in our Scholar House is open to any single mom during our normal office hours. Free coffee, hot chocolate, tea, and snacks are always available, along with a space to study, meet with friends, use a computer, or jump on the free wifi.

If you are looking for more than a place to feel welcomed and hangout, make an appointment to meet with one of our staff or mentors for a coaching session. A mentor is someone who wants to be in your corner, to laugh with you and to cry with you, to advocate for you, rejoice with you and to empathize with/share in your pain. MOMentum mentoring begins with your story and focuses on topics ranging from setting personal goals, to parenting, to career exploration.

MPower Course

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Being a single mom doesn't have to define you, but it can refine you. During MPower, we'll walk you through the journey of propelling your purpose and defining your direction. We'll help you identify strengths & assess struggles, and better understand the habits they need to practice daily to prosper. Additionally, you'll have the potential to gain resume-enhancing credentials, develop or deepen real relationships with moms &/or mentors, and grow an awareness of the impact you can have on their family, communities, and in their careers.

Meal and childcare provided (in most circumstances). Course is held at least twice a year and is a requirement for our residential program.

Topics covered, but not limited to: mindset, personal awareness & asset identification,  values assessment, overcoming the past, setting healthy boundaries, time management, finances & budgeting, decision-making, and positive parenting.

Coaching & Connections

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Whether it's a financial, physical, academic or emotional challenge, we're here to help you find the resources you need to succeed. We can set up a phone appointment with a follow-up in person consultation to make sure you have the connection & direction you need to succeed.


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