Serve WITH Us

One single mom walking hand in hand with her child and a network beside her can change the game for generations to come

When a mom knows that she's not in this alone, she can fearlessly and faithful move forward. As a ministry, we exist to equip and engage our network to work with us to meet the needs of the moms & kids that we serve as well as our ministry. We are better together!

The network is the backbone of our organization. We love empowering others to use their resources, talent and experiences to bless moms who are working hard to make a difference for their families and community. We encourage professionals to work within their wheelhouse to give back & spark relationships.

Examples include:

  • An attorney, donating 1 lunch hour a month to offer legal services to individual moms to  help them navigate their options.
  • A web designer willing to offer 1 hour a week or 4 hours a month to the ministry to make sure our target audience knows we're here to help.
  • A teacher (retired or active), donating an hour once a month to help a mom or child make sense of math.
  • A mom willing to watch kids one night a month can give mom a much-needed breather.
  • A student willing to clean a mom's house or make a meal for her once a month can help her stay sane :).
  • A professional chef willing to teach a cooking class to a group once a semester.

These are just examples to get your wheels spinning, we'd love to hear your ideas.


  • Donated services such as legal, dental, mechanical, childcare, medical, optical, self care services, and insurance, etc.
  • Property managers/landlords willing to rent out safe, below-market rent housing
  • Resource Networker(s) – will secure quality giveaway items, fun door-prizes and gift certificates for 10 annual meetings of single mom college students &/or auction events
  • Special event volunteers and networkers for fundraising opportunities
  • Used cars (in good running condition) for our clients in need
  • Connectors willing to meet over coffee to inspire & encourage
  • Fundraisers willing to help us with strategy and secure support.
  • Marketing professional willing to help us reach our target audience: single or pregnant moms without degrees & those who want to help them
  • Financial Planners willing to meet with individual moms for an hour once a semester to create a plan.


  • Rotary Club of Chattanooga
  • Northshore Financial Strategies
  • Matt Hoover Construction
  • Chick Fil A
  • Elders Ace Hardware
  • Amerigroup
  • Todd Henon Properties
  • Southern Champion Tray