It takes a village

One single mom walking hand in hand with her child and a network beside her can change the game for generations to come.

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Our mission is to build the village that propels two-generations to shatter statistics
with single moms in college & their children.

One Single Mom with Her Child   +

Whether a student faces an unplanned pregnancy or a mom loses a supportive partner without a living wage job to provide for her family, no mom should have to walk alone as she pursues a brighter future.

A Support Network

We're building a network of community partners & core volunteers to come alongside a single mom in college once a semester, month, or week to make a difference.

=   Success

When a single mom succeeds, her child(ren) and our communities are more likely to thrive. Together, we can build a better future THREE generations at a time. You can be part of this generational transformation.

two generation transformation

"Empowering single moms to get an education yields a double dividend: when women are economically and socially empowered, they raise healthier, better educated families, and their {communities} are more economically prosperous because of it, too." -Forbes

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While we can't gather now, stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to connect virtually.