It takes a village

One single mom walking hand in hand with her child and a network beside her can change the game for generations to come.

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Our mission is to build the village that propels two-generations to shatter statistics with single moms in college & their children.


A place of belonging close to campus, other moms in college, caring peers & career opportunities in the city center.

Our dream is to have a MOMplex with childcare & coordinated services onsite where moms live. We're launching phase 1 of the MOMplex in January 2020 with 6 apartments.


We believe that God created moms with the ability to be the very best mom their child needs, but we know that the best athletes and executives benefit from coaching. We help moms see things from a different perspective & help them write and work their plans to succeed.


From community organizations that provide resources moms need like credit counseling to businesses who offer free or discounted services or sponsorship to keep moms on the road to success. We work with the "village" to overcome together.

What a Village Looks Like

Momentum is what happens when a catalyst initiates movement that doesn't stop. MOMentum is what happens when a single mom has support; she continues to build a better future for herself, her child(ren) and her community for generations to come.

We build up single moms through building intentional relationships with peers, mentors, partners and advocates. Click below to meet some of our village members.

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May 5, 2020

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two generation transformation

"Empowering single moms to get an education yields a double dividend: when women are economically and socially empowered, they raise healthier, better educated families, and their {communities} are more economically prosperous because of it, too." -Forbes

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