Prayers & Possibilities

When God gave me a vision for the village, I knew that He would bring it to fruition, but I wasn’t sure how. Many of you joined us in prayer and even prayed circles around some of the properties we saw as possibilities. And we believe the property we’re at now was a result of those prayers/prayer walks. Thank you!!

And though we have truly come to love our little campus and feel like we’re really at home, there are an estimated 1000+ pregnant or parenting students just at UTC and we want to expand help as many as possible and be as close to campus as possible. We’re in very preliminary stages, we’d love your prayer over a real possibility ahead. But first, a little bit of backstory…

In 2022, we encountered some challenges with our current space and weren’t sure that we would be able to continue to grow or even stay here. During that challenge, we began prayerfully exploring possibilities and let you guys know our need. One of our original housing committee members suggested talking with her church about the possibility of maximizing a space they have close to UTC. Soon after, a village member told us about an initiative through Kingdom Partners that sought to pair up churches with nonprofits to consider what could happen with under-utilized properties and possible partnerships.

It seemed like divine timing and for over a year, we’ve worked with Mark Straub, an incredible consultant with Kingdom Partners to explore possibilities and to begin creating an exciting and sustainable plan to turn a property on the periphery of UTC into an expanded community for families. 

Since then, we’ve encountered a few more obstacles, but I just keep envisioning brave mamas with babies and backpacks getting closer and closer to campus and a brighter future. After a LONG time of waiting, we were given the green light to submit our project for initial feasibility funding. Though it’s still really early, we didn’t want to wait to ask for your help in covering these part of the process in prayer too! We’ve been able to work out a plan to stay where we’re at & even expand to a few more units next year, but we are hopeful that we can open up more doors & have a solid plan to expand by the end of 2024.

Will you pray that the city grants us the funds to explore the initial possibilities? Will you pray that our potential partnership with First Centenary would be mutually beneficial and most impactful and encouraging for both the beneficiaries of this program as well as those who are involved with making it happen? And if we’re not meant to be here or we’re meant to expand to additional (?) places, that God would open up those possibilities as well?

As a smaller nonprofit, even planning and working through the grant process on projects like these can take considerable staff time, so we want to be discerning on which paths to pursue. We are so glad that we are in this together with you and can count on you!

In addition to expanding the physical village, we’re also working diligently to expand our volunteer village. We’d love to have you sign up to come for a tour to learn more. Contact us at to see when the next Sip & See will be.

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