MPower: Powerful Connections

This weekend at our March MPower session we discussed what it means to gain powerful connections and how to “network for networth”. We talked about the 4 things you need to be successful while networking: Need, Seed, Feed, Receive. When networking you should be sure that the questions you are asking are meeting your needs and that you are planting seeds to not only cultivate future relationships but the current one you have right now. You should also be feeding and taking care of your relationships before you see the actual harvest from them and find our how you can serve them in their journey. Lastly, you should repeat the process with the next person you meet. Networking is a process that should be thought of as really connecting with a person not just adding another business card to your rolodex. We had such a great and informational time together learning some of the do’s and don’t’s on how to network.

If you would like more information on how you can get involved in our MPower Sessions or want more information on The MOMentum Network please feel free to call or email. You can even come by our office where something is always available Monday through Friday from 12pm-2pm. If you need information on where we are located please email or call (423) 521-0071

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