MOM’s Night Out

Moms deserve a Night Out!

Moms are known for early morning wake-ups, being their kid(s) biggest cheerleader, and finishing the day with good nights. But none of this comes as easily as it seems; it takes a hard-working mom to make it work. To keep working hard, moms need a break; and that goes double if those who are single parents.  That’s why we planned a fun-filled, memorable night out.

The evening started with a free salsa lesson at Dance Chattanooga, where we coupled up and let lose. After having a great time and making memories with others, we took a short walk to check on our reservations at Alleia. Our table not being ready was a perfect opportunity for us to check out the surrounding area, and we ended up going into the Hot Chocolatier for coffee and treats.

When I say this group of women are the best to go out with, I am not exaggerating. Dinner at Alleia was the perfect backdrop for great conversation and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Their unique dishes and calm ambiance was a welcome change from fussing over little ones and eating whatever meals can be quickly whipped up in the kitchen.

To the moms who came out, we are happy to show you how much we love and support you. Also, we look forward to seeing them AND YOU at the next MOMentum Network event, found here (



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