Housing Program Update

In March, we shared that we were back on the hunt for a new site for our Supportive Housing Community. We are excited to share that we have selected a site and are in the process of signing up moms to be the first residents in the Fall.

While our support network will still be here to help any local single mom to complete college & land a living wage career, our primary program will be our supportive housing program launching this Fall. Each participant will have a nice, newly updated 1 or 2 bdrm apartment for her and her child in a small community close to campus with access to a community center and supportive services onsite including: peer support network, assistance with financial aid & child care, life coaching, career mentors and more. 

Moms & kids will get to gather for family dinner weekly and grow through monthly workshops to help build the momentum they need to succeed–two generations at a time. They will be paired with a mentor to check in over the phone or in person to provide wisdom & celebrate their successes. They’ll be walking distance to UTC & a short drive or bus ride to Chattanooga State. We’re working with an establish local child care provider to see if the space we have for a community house will be able to also house an onsite daycare center for our residents and community families as well. Learn more about the program here.

We initially planned to work with our local housing authority to ensure moms had affordable housing, COVID has put a hold on these plans; however we are still moving forward thanks to the generosity of our donors who are helping make the program as affordable as possible by covering a significant portion of the rent.* The cost to participate is $650 for 2 bdrm or $450 for 1 bdrm (waitlist)—less than most rent. We’re working to make sure that any mom who wants to live here can through additional financial aid as well.

Interested single moms in college can apply for free membership HERE and those who indicate interest in housing on their membership form will receive an invitation to a virtual orientation with further information on applying. We encourage any single mom enrolled in or highly motivated attend college this August to apply for membership. Part of the membership process allows moms to share their needs & interests so that we might work to make sure the supports they need are available to them.

We are also asking those who are interested in supporting moms next semester to sign up as a member of the support network too. We need groups to serve meals at Family Dinner, working moms willing to share their professional perspective to educate moms about their prospective career field, Disciplemakers to come alongside those who want to grow in their faith, and professionals willing to offer at least one hour a semester for free to help moms and/or the ministry to pursue the mission. Simply fill out this form and indicate your interest & we will follow up with opportunities to learn more.

It takes a village and we’re so grateful for those who have helped us provide this opportunity for single moms and their children to live together, learn together and lean on each other as they pursue a better future and hopefully discover and embrace God’s good plan for their lives. If you would like to support our mission through prayer and/or provision, you can also sign up here. Thanks for being an important part of making a two-generation impact.

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