2nd Generation Celebration

This month, we’re spotlighting members and sharing stories about why & how they’re involved in “the village”. You may know that we walk alongside single moms in college and their children providing connection, direction and encouragement, but a key part of our mission is cultivating the strong support network aka “village” it takes to provide the relationships and resources both mom & baby need to succeed. Our hope is that both moms and members of our support network know that they are appreciated and also inspire others to join us on this journey towards building a better future two generations at a time. Today, we share a story from Tiffanie Robinson.

Some single moms may not hear words of affirmation or receive the affection they deserve this Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t amazing. While some of us have littles who can’t yet express how much mom means to them, others may be in the teen trenches and question whether all of the sacrifices and striving are worth the efforts when you can’t see the full fruits of your labor. This Mother’s Day, one of our founding village members wanted to share how much of a difference her mom made in her life.

Tiffanie Robinson is a CEO, School Board Member and has earned a myriad of accolades for her civic engagement and excellence in her professional pursuits. While her mother was very young when she was born and faced many challenges as a former teen mom, Tiffanie shared that her mom’s tenacity and empathy towards others inspired her to be the mother and advocate she is today. She said that she is proud of her mom for working hard to build a better future.

Tiffanie shared a message for her mom & hopes to encourage other moms making sacrifices and working hard to build a better future for their children. You may not hear these words from your littles just yet, but as you pursue God’s good plans for your life, you’re influencing tomorrow’s leaders today. Keep shining Mama & have an amazing Mother’s Day!

Were you raised by a teen mom or single mom & want to honor your mom for the sacrifices you made by making sure no single mom walks alone? First, call your mom and tell her thanks; then, head over & join our network at: MomentumNetwork.org/join. It takes a village & we’re so grateful for ours!

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