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Christmas Kick-Off Celebration

Thank you to all who came to MOX Life’s Christmas Celebration this past Friday. It was an easy-going event with talk of past holiday traditions and the introduction of a new one for our moms and their children-  the advent calendar, seen below. With talk of new and old traditions, it’s a good reminder that sometimes…

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MOM’s Night Out

Moms deserve a Night Out! Moms are known for early morning wake-ups, being their kid(s) biggest cheerleader, and finishing the day with good nights. But none of this comes as easily as it seems; it takes a hard-working mom to make it work. To keep working hard, moms need a break; and that goes double…

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reTreat and reDirect Oct. 2017

What a wonderful time we’ve had! It has been a month since The MOMentum Network’s reTreat and reDirect, and we are looking forward to wrapping up the Fall semester with even more meaningful events. For those of you who missed it, our moms, during the weekend of October 13, got together for two full days…

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Season of Being Thankful for Presence

November is regularly the month of Thanks. This month at The MOMentum Network, we are stressing how important it is to be thankful, more than just saying it, it’s also taking in our surroundings and actively appreciating where we are. And that includes the people we are with. We’re heading towards some major holidays, with…

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MOX Life Kickoff Fall 2017

moms gather for MOX

The Village is Coming Together The MOMentum Network has officially kicked off the Fall semester by bringing single moms, kids, mentors and helpers together to do life together. Within a few hours, lives were changed. Food was prepared at The House, and everyone came together to take part in our tradition of sitting family style…

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The MOMentum Network Play Date: Picnic and Play

   The Picnic and Play Date started out with a prayer that set the tone for deep connections at River Park. In an environment that gave much of a sense of a family reunion, it was rewarding to meet new people along with the members and children who have survived the semester with us. The…

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